Getting Started

An async wrapper for Airi API written in Python.

Key Features

  • An async library.

  • Anime fact, waifu & more!

  • Especially made for discord bots.

  • Easy to use with an object oriented design.


Python 3.8 or higher is required

You can install it by following command:

pip install

Quick Example

To check whether your AIRI API TOKEN is correct or not
import airi
import asyncio

async def test():

   To check whether your AIRI API TOKEN is correct or not.
   returns: status code
   client = airi.Client("TOKEN")
   # above, TOKEN is AIRI API TOKEN
   status = await client.status()



check examples folder for more!


How do I get the Airi API token?

To get the token, join Discord server of Airi . Move to #bot-commands channel. And do -claim.

From here, further process should start in your DM. Good luck!

My Token is not working anymore. Why?

Make sure that you’ve joined the support server, or else it won’t work. If it’s still not working, please ask for help in their official server.

Any ratelimit?

Yes, 5 requests/second.

API website?